iCentrex 3.13.0

On live: 20190704

New features

  • Global contacts from MyiCentrex are now searchable
  • Devices with plan extension are now searchable
  • Added support for callback in queues (ACD-queue)



  • Improved search feature. 
    • Improved search speed for user with many contacts
    • More predictable search results.
  • Fixed an issue where activity status would not restore after the activity has expired.
  • Fixed an issue where chat input text was removed after chat window had been minimized, when commenting on a message. 
  • Fixed an issue where the first incoming call after starting the desktop application would not play a ringtone.
  • Match incoming calls to contacts even if the contact phone number is stored without country code.
  • Fix share dropbox files on android.
  • Show date and time for activities expiring tomorrow or later.
  • Allow myself to be removed from exchange calendar events.
  • Fixed an issue where connecting an exchange account would say 'this account is already connected'.
  • Fixed an issue where sending a too large attachment with a gmail account would fail without showing an error message. 
  • Fixed an issue where the text input in 'reply to' would disappear after the window had been minimized.
  • Improved support for copying phone numbers from contacts.
  • Improved support for reconnecting calls on iOS.
  • Fixed an issue where resuming a paused call could take an excessive amount of time.

Major dependency updates

Apps to be updated

  • Windows
  • MAC
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Web

Known issues

  • Jabra Engage 75
    • Freezes up if triggering states (hang-up/parking/unparking) through the headset buttons too closely after each other.
    • Need to wait for the headset to announce the mute state before setting a new one.
    • Freezes up if hanging up an attended transfer with the headset multi-function button.
    • Hanging up an active call and answering an incoming call through the headset results in that the new call gets hung up after a couple of seconds.
    • This is due to an SDK issue where physical button events are triggered when programmatically setting states.
  • Jabra Evolve 65
    • Busylight is sometimes not turned off due to a failure to lock the device in the SDK.
  • Jabra Pro 935
    • Mute state gets out-of-sync sometimes
    • Sometimes gets unresponsive during call
  • Jabra
    • After a hang-up in an attended transfer, you need to wait until the headset speaks before being able to make an action with the headset.
    • When switching between calls, the headset can set switch between multiple mute states before setting the final one.
    • Inserting new device so multiple devices are connected to the same application might impact the headset event emitter. The best course of action is to restart the application.
    • No support for Jabra wireless headsets connected through USB.
    • If toggling on the Jabra headset during a call, you need to wait until a new call before the headset is responding to call actions.
  • Number conversion is not working on some known cases (Voicemail etc)
  • Multiple step transfer is not working yet
  • Mexed mobile calling a queue and then pick-up-here will show agent name/number instead of queue.
Where can I find information about previous updates?
  1. Log in to your iCentrex app.
  2. Click on the gear and select Personal information.
  3. Select About iCentrex and you will find Version History.